Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rome Beauty Haul and more! :)

Hey Guys,

I am terribly sorry for taking this two week break from blogging but I've been on vacation in Italy and there wasn't even any reception on my phone so unfortunately I couldn't update the Blog.  :(
But I wasn't lazy (okay I was a bit but not only) and we went to Bella Roma for a day-trip and there I've done some serious beauty shopping.  :)
I'm also really excited that I finally got my hands on a NAKED PALETTE!!!
You have to understand that there's no store in Austria that's selling Urban Decay products, so when I stumbled upon a Sephora in the heart of Rome I knew it was time to get it. Especially because I thought about ordering it online only a few weeks ago but it would have been sooo much more expensive, so YAY!

Ta-dah! What a beauty! :)

From left: OPI "Thanks a Windmillion", OPI "Vampsterdam", Essie "Funny Face", Kiko #355, #240, #287, #260

Mascara, Lipgloss, Matte Red Lipstick, blue/green Eyeliner, Lipliner; all Kiko

H&M clutch

Forever21 Jewelry

Moss green jeggings and silver jeans, both H&M

The most amazing Top from the cute Italian Boutique "Brandy Mellville"  :)
I fell in love with it on our first night out in Italy and when we came back for dinner a few nights later, my lovely boyfriend got it for me! <3

This is it for now guys, I hope you have fun vacations planned too and I will be better on updating the Blog, I promise!


  1. AHHH I'm super excited to go to Rome if there's a Sephora in the center! I'm staying there! Hope you had a great time, Just done a H&M haul!


    1. You should be. it is such a beautiful city, you'll love it!
      It was really great, I might put up pics in my next post...
      Yay, I'll check it out right away, I love hauls! :)